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    In fall 2023, Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) will be conducting the Tenant Survey with Forum Research Inc. This survey will help us understand how tenants feel about their home, building and community. TCHC will use the feedback from tenants to improve our services to better serve tenants. See below for the improvements we made based on the results of the previous Tenant Survey. 

    If you are currently a tenant, Forum Research will mail you a package in November. The package will include a paper copy of the survey, as well as a unique access code and instructions for how to access the survey if you prefer to fill it out online or over the phone. Anyone in your household aged 16 or older can complete the survey on behalf of the whole household.  

    The survey will take around 15 minutes to complete. Surveys are due by Friday, December 15, 2023. As a thank you for your participation, you can enter a draw to win one of ten $75 gift cards.  

    Ways to complete the survey: 

    • Complete the paper copy sent to you and return it in the addressed and prepaid envelope 

    • By calling Forum at 416-960-3255 and entering your unique access code 

    • Online at  Fmrch.com/toh2 and entering your unique access code. Your unique access code is a 6 digit code found in the survey package that has been mailed to you. 

    Translations and alternate formats are available online or over the phone. 

    The survey is completely anonymous. None of your personal information will be collected or stored.  

    If you have any questions, please contact Forum Research Inc by emailing TCHCsupport@forumresearch.com


    Why is Toronto Community Housing conducting this survey?

    TCHC wants to better understand your experiences and opinions. This survey will help us understand where we are meeting your needs and where there is still room for improvement.  

    Why is it important that I complete the survey?

    This survey will tell us what is most important to you as a tenant and the service areas that need to be improved. After the last survey in 2021, we took feedback from tenants and made changes in the way that we deliver services. Your feedback allows us to continue making improvements in areas that matter to tenants. By hearing from as many tenants as possible, we can better understand how tenants in different regions with different backgrounds feel about their interactions with us.  

    Do I have to complete the survey?

    The survey is completely voluntary. You do not have to fill it out if you do not want to participate. Refusing to fill out the survey will not affect your tenancy. 

    Who is getting the survey?

    The 2023 survey is being mailed out to all households in the TCHC portfolio. 

    What kind of questions are on the survey?

    The Tenant Survey will ask for your opinions on topics like the Annual Rent Review process, the way Toronto Community Housing communicates with you, safety in your community and more. The survey covers a wide range of matters related to your tenancy so TCHC can have a better understanding of where we can improve services to tenants.  

    I lost my survey. How do I get another copy?

    If you need a new copy of the survey, you can contact Winsome Stec at Forum Research Inc by emailing TCHCsupport@forumresearch.com

    Will you be able to tell who completed the survey?

    No personally-identifying information will be collected or stored in any way. Toronto Community Housing will have no way of telling which tenants completed the survey or not. The survey data we receive from Forum Research will have tenant data grouped together in a way that keeps individual responses completely anonymous.   

    Forum Research has been given your contact information only for the purpose of inviting you to participate in the survey. They do not have access to any other tenant data. 

    How was the survey developed?

    The 2023 survey was developed using the feedback tenants provided in past surveys. Based on your feedback, the 2023 survey uses simpler language to make sure it is easier to complete. Translation options are also available to make the survey more accessible for non-English speaking tenants.  

    How is this survey different from the Service Quality Indicator survey that is completed by staff and tenant representatives annually?

    The SQI survey focuses on building cleanliness, maintenance, tenant communications, community safety, tenant support services, and tenant engagement. The Tenant Survey measures tenant satisfaction in all these areas and more. These two surveys will work together to give us an overall picture of the quality of services we provide tenants.  

    I need an accommodation to fill out this survey as I have a disability.

    All tenants will have an equal opportunity to participate in the survey. Tenants can call  416-960-3255 to complete the survey over the phone. The online survey is Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 complaint. It is possible to increase the survey font size if needed. The survey is also compatible with screen-reading devices. 

    For help completing the survey, please contact TCHCsupport@forumresearch.com

    When and where will the results of the survey be made available?

    The survey results will be shared in 2024. They will be posted on this page. Printed summaries of the results will be available on request in tenant-facing offices like Tenant Service Hubs. Plans for addressing tenant feedback expressed in the survey will be shared in 2024 after detailed analysis and planning have taken place.  

    How will I find out if I won a gift card?

    Winners will be contacted at the email address they provided for the draw with instructions on how to redeem the gift card. If you have any questions or concerns about the gift card redemption process, you can call Forum Research at 416-960-3255

    2021 Tenant Survey Results

    In the 2021 Tenant Survey, we received a total of 8,852 total responses, a 22 per cent participation rate! This is the largest response we have ever received for the Tenant Survey.  

    See results overview below.

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    We used feedback from the 2021 survey and have taken action on three main areas: 

    • Bringing contract-managed buildings under direct management. This allows TCHC to provide more consistent service to all tenants. 

    • Improving customer service standards and tenant communications. There are new Client Care Centre processes in place to improve service and wait times. TCHC is also launching new digital channels of communication like email and SMS to add new ways of delivering information to tenants. 

    • Taking action to improve the safety and security of tenants, staff and buildings. The Community Safety Unit is reviewing the current dispatch process to improve response times to tenant calls. 

    View detailed results (PDF).