Accessibility at TCHC

Toronto Community Housing is committed to meeting accessibility needs for tenants and staff and to provide inclusive communities and work environments for people with disabilities. The program follows the core principles of The Ontario Human Rights Code (1962) (OHRC) and the Accessibility for Ontarians Disabilities Act (2005) (AODA) of inclusiveness, independence and dignity for people with disabilities. There are many aspects to accessibility including employment, communications, engagement, customer Service, common spaces, and in-suite accommodations. The program is built by TCHC management, staff, and the Responsible Personal Accessibility in Toronto Housing (R-PATH) Committee.

Read our 2021 Multi-Year Accessibility Plan (PDF)

Toronto Community Housing partners with the Responsible Personal Accessibility in Toronto Housing (R-PATH) Committee. The R-PATH Committee is a tenant-led committee of people with physical disabilities who provide the lived experience expertise to deliver recommendations to TCHC in all aspects of accessibility.

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The Accessibility Program is governed by the following TCHC Policies:

The Accessibility Policy

The Accessibility Policy provides the commitment to make sure people with disabilities are accommodated based on medical need and remove barriers in all aspects of TCHC business.

The Human Rights and Fairness Policy

The Human Rights Policy provides the commitment to remove barriers including discrimination barriers.

The Customer Service Policy

The Customer Service Policy commits to ensuring people with disabilities can do business with TCHC without barriers in Policies, communications, built environment, or attitude.

The Built Environment Policy

The Built Environment Policy and attached Toronto Community Housing Accessibility Build Standards (TCHCABS) governs how properties are built or modified to accommodate people with disabilities. TCHC units are modified based on medical needs of the tenant. The TCHCABS is co-authored with the R-PATH Committee.

What are TCHC's Accessibility Build Standards? The R-PATH committee explains the standards in this video.