Community Safety Unit (CSU)

The Community Safety Unit's mandate is to foster community well-being and safety, through working together for safer communities. We provide 24/7 community engagement and support, call response, the delivery of safety programs for tenants and staff, assisting victims of crime and apprehending offenders, liaising with internal and external stakeholders, building relationships with communities and working in partnership with law enforcement agencies including the Toronto Police Service. The CSU's focus continues to be one of community well-being, safety, development and empowering tenants to be a part of making their communities safer by focusing on education, engagement and collaboration, while using enforcement as a last resort.

Contact CSU


For emergencies, including threats to the life and safety of yourself or other community members please first contact 9-1-1 and then call the Community Safety Unit Communications Centre at 416-921-2323

Non-emergency matters 

Non-emergency matters which include minor thefts, frauds, damage to property where the suspect has fled and where there is no imminent threat to life, safety or property please contact the Toronto Police Service Non-Emergency Line at 416-808-2222 or the Community Safety Unit Communications Centre at 416-921-2323

Mental health crisis  

Instances where you believe a person is in crisis or suffering from a perceived mental health disorder please contact the City of Toronto Crisis Response Program at 2-1-1 and then the Community Safety Unit Communications Centre at 416-921-2323. If there is an imminent threat to the person's life, safety or another person's life and safety please contact 9-1-1 immediately. 

Minor incidents  

Minor incidents including noise complaints, anti-social behaviour or requests for Parking Enforcement please contact the Community Safety Unit Communications Centre at (416) 921-2323

Parking Violation Notice complaints  

Complaints about receiving a Parking Violation Notice, 10-Day Warning Notice or other parking administration questions please contact the Community Safety Unit Parking Enforcement Complaints Line at 416-981-6470

TCHC maintenance concerns 

TCHC maintenance concerns, issues with Property Management/Service please contact the TCHC Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500 or attend your local TCHC Service HUB during regular business hours. 

On-going anti-social behaviour issues 

If you wish to report on-going issues of anti-social behaviour, which are not occurring right now, please use the Report a safety incident form. Please note this webform is not monitored 24/7 and is only to notify the CSU of on-going issues. 

Complaints, compliments and shout outs to CSU staff or the department 

To make a complaint about a CSU staff member (Special Constable, Parking Enforcement Officer, Dispatcher, Community Safety Advisor, etc.), or to compliment or give a shout out to a CSU staff member or the department, please use our Feedback form

2023 Community Safety Unit Flipbook

Community Safety Unit Digital Brochure – Special Constables (PDF)