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Midnight Basketball League (MBL) is a unique basketball program that provides a positive space for youth to develop their skills both on and off the court.

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    About Midnight Basketball

    Launched as a pilot in 2013, the program brings together youth aged 14 to 18 from neighbourhoods across TCHC to play basketball on Friday nights.

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    The program, offered throughout the spring and summer cohorts, combines both physical and personal development. 

    Every Friday night, youth are driven to the University of Toronto's Goldring Centre for High Performance Sport where they take part in free games and skills training. Before stepping on the court, the teams enjoy a dinner and take part in life-skills workshops to learn about themselves, their peers and how to access positive life-changing opportunities.

    League of HER Own

    League of HER Own was a pilot program that launched in 2022 specifically for TCHC female youth ages 13 to 18. The program was founded in partnership with MLSE Foundation and the University of Toronto as a basketball program where female youth from across TCHC regions could come to a safe place to learn, practice, and enhance skills for in the summer at the University of Toronto. The program is back for 2023. Featuring student athletes and special guest speakers, youth will participate in workshops on what it takes to succeed as a student athlete, how to take care of their bodies, building long-lasting positive habits, and more!


    Program dates

    Our 2023 season is over! Thank you to everyone who participated in Midnight Basketball and League of HER Own, and to all the staff who helped make it a success.

    Keep your eyes peeled for 2024 program details next year.

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    Additional Resources

    Looking for a place to play basketball in the city?

    Check out the City of Toronto's interactive map of over 50 community basketball courts and drop-in programs across the city. You can search by cost, location and accessibility for child, youth or adult programs.

    You can also contact the YMCA ​to learn more about their basketball program and how to book their courts to play pick-up. ​​

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