Staff directory

Please note that this directory is updated every three months and may not reflect the most current staff list in these roles at TCHC.

For maintenance and service issues, please call our Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500. We are here for tenants 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Call our Community Safety Unit at 416-921-2323 for security issues or to report a parking violation on Toronto Community Housing property.

Visit your local tenant service hub for tenant related information and in-person service.

Operations divisions

Regional Operations (Central)

Regional Operations (East)

Regional Operations (West)

Business Operations

The division encourages a tenant-centric approach to service delivery that effectively meets the evolving needs of tenants, staff, and stakeholders of Toronto.

  • Clinton Reid, Manager, Operational Compliance: 416-981-4081
  • Karim Kanji, Manager, Environmental Health: 647-746-5719
  • Cristofero Ferracane, Manager, Client Care and Dispatch: 416-981-6644
  • Kevin Leonard, Manager, Solutions (Acting): 416-981-6640
  • Joelle Lyew, Manager, Performance and Quality: 416-981-4024
  • Tia Mullet, Manager, Service Manager Compliance: 437-577-0496

Chief Operating Office

  • Nadia Gouveia, Acting Chief Operating Officer: 416-981-6414

Engagement and Revitalization

Facilities Management

Our team's mission is to find and use cost-effective and sustainable solutions to help maintain properties across the city. To do this, the division is structured in three business units: operations, engineering, and capital planning. Together, our staff focus on areas critical to preserving and maintaining properties across the city.

  • Allen Murray, Vice President, Facilities Management: 416-981-6955
  • Catarina Pires, Senior Director, Capital Planning, Design and Engagement: 416-981-6513
  • Daisy Wong, Senior Director, Construction and Preservation: 416-981-6730
  • Boyd Dyer, Director, Smart Building and Energy Management: 416-981-6125

Operations Planning and Program Services

The division encourages a tenant-centric approach to service delivery that effectively meets the evolving needs of tenants, staff, and
 stakeholders of Toronto.

  • Lindsay Viets, Director, Operations Planning & Program Services: 416-981-4131

Programs and Partnerships

  • Arsema Berhane, Acting Director, Programs and Partnerships: 416-707-8311

Centralized divisions

Centre for Advancing the Interest of Black People

The Centre for Advancing the Interests of Black People (“The Centre”) team will lead the development and implementation of Toronto Community Housing’s confronting anti-Black racism (CABR) strategy. With the support of the Executive Leadership Team, The Centre works with business units to help identify anti-Black racism barriers and collaborate with them to incorporate a confronting anti-Black racism framework into their business plans.

Community Safety Unit

We are in TCHC communities day and night, and work closely with Toronto Police Services and Toronto Emergency Medical Services to respond to safety and security issues. Consult us in any situation that involves a suspicion of criminality or anti-social behaviour.


We manage and implement the revitalization and redevelopment of Toronto Community Housing’s real estate assets.

  • Jessica Hawes, Acting Chief Development Officer: 416-981-4122
  • Cristina Raviele, Acting Senior Director: 416-981-4045
  • Peter Zimmerman, Senior Director, Development: 416-981-4345
  • William Mendes, Director Program Delivery: 416-981-4102


The Finance Division provides accounting and budget services, accounts payable, internal audit, and procurement and vendor management.

Information Technology Services

  • Luisa Andrews, Vice President: 416-389-2648
  • Tony Bernabei, Director, Networks and Infrastructure: 647-217-9620
  • Maria Fujino, Director, IT Service Excellence and Project Delivery: 416-791-3267
  • Wen-Hua (Linda) Barratt, Director, Enterprise Architecture: 647-268-6527
  • Brian Turpin, Director, Enterprise Solutions and Data: 437-237-9039

Legal Services

The Legal Services division provides a broad range of corporate legal services, assists the Board of Directors to carry out their fiduciary duties, prepares cases and appears before court, and oversees the administration of the Human Rights, Harassment and Fair Access Policy. 

  • Darragh Meagher, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary: 416-981-4241
  • Anita Tsang-Sit, Director, Insurance & Risk Management: 416-981-4147

Office of the CEO

The Office of the CEO is responsible for the overall management and leadership of TCHC and its subsidiaries, setting the strategic direction and driving total performance consistent with the interests of the shareholder, tenants, employees and other stakeholders.

Any voicemails left for the CEO’s office regarding complaints about service or the conduct of a fellow tenant, will be assigned to the Solutions team for follow-up. If you have a complaint about service or the conduct of a fellow tenant, you can contact the Solutions team at Toronto Community Housing, either by phone at 416-981-6000 or by email at

People and Culture

The People and Culture division provides human resources support to all staff at Toronto Community Housing through the Labour Relations and Employee Services, Organizational Development, and Workplace Health, Safety and Wellness teams.

Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Relations

The Strategic Planning and Stakeholder Relations unit works closely with the Executive Team to develop the strategic objectives and outcomes of the company, establish the policy framework that governs how we conduct our business and develop our relationships with stakeholders to achieve the company’s vision and mission.

  • Ada Wong, Acting Vice President, Strategic Planning and Communications: 416-981-4001
  • Neil Carter, Manager, Stakeholder Relations: 416-697-6912
  • Kate Serjeant, Acting Manager, Strategic Planning: 416-994-3683

Strategic Communications

The Strategic Communications team manages and delivers communications to tenants, staff, stakeholders and the public. This includes communications support for the Board, Executive team and for business units across the company.

Office of the Commissioner of Housing Equity

Our job is to help tenants who are facing eviction for arrears of rent from Toronto Community Housing (TCHC).

  • Melanie Martin, Interim Commissioner of Housing Equity: 416-632-7996