Conservation resources for tenants

Want to learn more about how you can make more sustainable choices for your home? Check out the resources on this page to get started.

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    We offer a collection of conservation education and engagement materials for tenants. To request a printed or a translated copy for your building or community, please send an email to or call the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500. 

    Videos and print resources

    A list of tenant resources:

    There are also videos to help you learn about conservation and how you can make more sustainable choices. Watch the videos below or visit our YouTube channel to see more.

    Learn how to make sustainable choices at home.

    Learn about water conservation at Toronto Community Housing

    City of Toronto resources

    In light of the ever-increasing effects of climate change and the pressures facing the City of Toronto, City officials have developed an ambitious climate action strategy; TransformTO sets bold greenhouse gas emission reduction targets.

    • Thirty percent reduction by 2020
    • Sixty-five percent reduction by 2030
    • Net-zero by 2050

    To learn more about the City of Toronto's conservation efforts, check out the following links: