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    Tenants have the right to know how and what their personal information is being used for. 

    Toronto Community Housing has developed a Notice of Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information which outlines how tenants' personal information will be collected, used and disclosed. 

    What is the notice about?   

    The notice specifies the type of personal information that is collected, how we obtain the information, and provides an overview of what the personal information is used for. 

    Notice of Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

    Toronto Community Housing Corporation (‘TCHC’) collects personal information about its tenants pursuant to its mandate as a Local Housing Corporation under the Housing Services Act, 2011, to carry out its responsibilities as a landlord under the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006, and to provide affordable rental housing in accordance with the Affordable Housing Program.

    TCHC must collect, use and disclose personal information in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (‘MFIPPA’).

    The personal information that is collected when a household applies to become a tenant of TCHC and throughout the duration of the tenancy, may include, but is not limited to:

    • The number, identity, age, marital or family status and status in Canada of the individuals that will be living in the unit
    • The income and asset information, rental and employment history and other financial information of the individuals living in the unit
    • Medical information, police reports and other information necessary for the management of tenancy issues and to process transfer applications
    • Next-of-kin or emergency contact information of individuals living in the unit
    • Information about the condition of the unit, which may include photographs of the unit and its contents during inspections, pets in the unit and other living conditions
    • Consumption data and account status for electricity, gas and other utilities supplied to the unit
    • Information about the contact and communications that tenants and their household members and guests may have with other tenants, with TCHC staff and other individuals, in circumstances related to the tenancy
    • Images of individuals and incidents on TCHC property that are captured via CCTV cameras and third party surveillance

    TCHC may also collect the address, contact information, and financial information of former tenants who owe money to TCHC related to their former tenancy.

    TCHC collects some of this personal information directly from you, such as on the rental application form, on the annual review form, via complaints that a household has made, and other documents that you complete and/or provide to TCHC.

    We collect other information indirectly, such as on notes, photographs and digital images. In some instances, the personal information is provided to us from other organizations/persons, including, but not limited to: the Housing Connections application form; rental and credit reporting agencies; Ontario Works; Ontario Disability Support Program; other housing providers and landlords; federal and provincial government ministries and agencies; utility providers; employers; financial institutions; police, fire and emergency services; individuals and organizations who make complaints to TCHC.

    TCHC may use and/or disclose to third parties the personal information it collects about the household in order to:

    • Determine if the household qualifies to rent a unit from TCHC
    • Determine if the household qualifies for a rent subsidy, set the rent and administer the rent subsidy
    • Administer the requirements of the Affordable Housing Program
    • Ensure that the household is in compliance with their lease and is following all applicable TCHC policies and procedures
    • Manage tenancy issues internally and in collaboration with other agencies, and before boards, tribunals and courts
    • Process transfer applications, accessibility requests and to relocate tenants
    • Resolve tenant complaints and respond to enquiries/questions received by TCHC
    • Assist tenants in paying their rent on time and to resolve rental arrears
    • To monitor energy consumption to promote/facilitate conservation initiatives and to provide potential relief/rebates for hydro
    • Assist tenants in paying their hydro account and address issues related to hydro being shut- off from their unit
    • Connect the household with programs that assist with the payment of rent and utilities for the unit
    • Connect the household with services and supports to help maintain their tenancy
    • Facilitate access to services and supports for the benefit of low income households
    • Conduct surveys, research and other engagement activities to better serve tenants
    • Maintain healthy and safe living conditions for all tenants and for anyone who may require access to TCHC property
    • Eliminate or reduce a risk of harm to the health and safety of all tenants and others who may require access to TCHC property
    • To investigate an incident involving the safety or security of people, facilities, assets, and insurance claims
    • To promote public safety and reduce incidents of crime on TCHC property
    • To provide law enforcement agencies with evidence related to an incident under police investigation
    • To provide evidence as required to protect TCHC’s legal rights
    • Assist with collecting a debt owed to TCHC by former tenants
    • Facilitate the financing, transfer, revitalization, redevelopment or renovation of TCHC property
    • Comply with its mandate and responsibilities, and conduct any other activities as permitted or required by law

    The personal information will be retained in accordance with TCHC’s Record Management Policy.

    (Updated October 2019)

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