Request repairs, maintenance or pest control

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    How to request a repair

    To request a repair, please contact the Client Care Centre:


    Email (non-emergencies)​  

    Form (non-emergencies) 
    Online contact form

    For emergency repairs, always call.

    How repairs happen​​

    During regular business hours, your superintendent does minor maintenance and repairs. In the evenings and on weekends, we will send someone to take care of emergencies until TCHC staff can make a permanent repair. For example, if a pipe in your kitchen is leaking, we may send someone to turn the water off in your kitchen.

    Staff will enter your unit for inspections and to complete repairs. They will also check smoke detectors, window screens and other life safety equipment. Unless it is an emergency, we will give you at least 24 hours' notice before staff enter your unit.​ 

    If you need large-scale maintenance or repairs, TCHC staff will give you more information on what will happen next. This includes timelines for the repair to be done, and if external vendors may come to your unit.

    Pest Control

    Unfortunately, cockroaches, bedbugs, mice, and other pests can sometimes get into homes. They are harder to control in places that are cluttered or overcrowded.  There is no charge for pest control or treatment unless you fail to prepare your unit, or you refuse to let the contractor in. 

    Help us control pests on your property:

    • Keep your unit clean and clutter-free 
    • Do not feed pigeons, squirrels or stray animals. They can attract other pests
    • Do not pick up furniture that others have thrown away, as it could be infested
    • Do not put any garbage in hallways or on the floors of chute rooms, as this contributes to infestation 

    Make sure all garbage is placed into the garbage receptacle and the hatch is fully closed. Larger items that do not fit into the chute must be brought to the bulk garbage area. 
    If you are throwing out pest-infested furniture or mattresses, ask your superintendent for plastic to wrap these items before taking them out of your unit. Never leave anything in the hallway.

    How to follow up on your request

    When you call the Client Care Centre to request a repair, our agents will give you a reference number. You can use that number to follow up on your request. Be sure to ask for a reference number every time you call if it is not offered.