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    Toronto Community Housing (TCHC) tenants, staff, and the general public can report suspected fraud or waste matters involving TCHC tenants or staff. All reports are handled by ClearView Strategic Partner an independent service provider. To make sure reports remain anonymous and confidential, reports through a live agent will not be recorded or traced. All online reports will be sent securely to TCHC's Investigations Unit for further action.

    This hotline is only for instances of fraud related to TCHC. If you have an emergency, always call 9-1-1.

    Please do NOT use the fraud hotline to report the following:

    • Washer and dryer complaints
    • Noise complaints
    • Drug activity
    • Maintenance issues
    • Threatening behavior
    • By-law infractions

    Please report the above concerns to the Client Care Centre at or 416-981-5500.

    • Security issues
    • Parking violations

    Please report the above concerns to the Community Safety Unit at 416-921-2323. Visit Toronto Community Housing Services & Supports page for additional contact information for other support services available in your community.

    How to make a TCHC related fraud complaint

    Toronto Community Housing works with ClearView Connects™, an ethics reporting/ whistleblowing solution. They provide a secure, anonymous and confidential way for you to raise concerns or report unethical workplace behaviours to Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC).

    Information to include in a complaint

    Please provide specific and detailed information to support any allegations that answers the following questions: 

    • What are the allegations? Review the types of allegations and give as much information as you can about the suspected TCHC-related incident of fraud that happened. 
    • Where did the suspected incident of fraud occur? Please list the address of the TCHC location where the suspected incident of fraud happened. This will make sure your complaint is being reported and investigated through the correct channel.  
    • Who are the individuals involved? For example, names of tenants, staff, contractors or other individuals. 
    • How long has the suspected incident of fraud been taking place? 
    • Who else may be aware of the incident of fraud? For example, police, media, staff or other individuals. 

    TCHC addresses and locations

    Please review TCHC's Addresses and Locations to confirm that the location where the suspected incident of fraud happened in the TCHC portfolio. This will make sure your complaint is being reported and investigated through the correct channel. The list of TCHC addresses has been divided into the following regions:  

    Types of allegations TCHC investigates

    • Tenants who have failed to report changes in household composition: 
      • People living in the unit who are not on the lease 
      • Overhoused – falsifying the number of occupants in a household in order to maintain a larger unit 
    • Tenants subletting all or part of a subsidized unit 
    • Tenants with undeclared income and/or assets 
    • Tenants who have falsified or altered income documents 
    • Tenants with undeclared residential property    
    • Tenants failing to report that students are no longer attending post-secondary courses 
    • Staff, contractor and vendor: 
      • Misconduct or waste 
      • Unethical conduct and/or conflict of interest  
    • Fraud and theft 

    How to submit a report

    There are three ways to report cases of suspected fraud or waste: 

    • Phone: Call the fraud hotline at 1-866-781-7956. Calls are answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by an independent call centre. There is also an option to leave a report through voicemail. 
    • Online: Complete and submit your complaint via our secure online form
    • Mail: Submit your complaint in writing and mail it to: ClearView Connects, P.O. BOX 11017, Toronto, Ontario M1E 1N0 

    Refer to the Reporting Guide (PDF) to learn more about how ClearView Connects works, and how ClearView Connects protects your anonymity.