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    In the most recent tenant survey, we received feedback from tenants about wanting to see more digital communications from TCHC. SMS and email are being introduced as additional ways for TCHC to deliver information to tenants.  

    Tenant representatives may start receiving SMS (Short Message Service, more commonly known as text messages) from TCHC about the upcoming TCAT (Tenant Community Action Tables) regional meetings. 

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    Opting out

    Opt out of emails

    Locate and click on the link at the bottom of an email from TCHC to update your preferences about what types of emails you receive from TCHC or to opt out of emails completely.

    Opt out of SMS texts

    To opt out of receiving SMS from TCHC, tenants can reply 'STOP' to any text they receive or text 'STOP' to 1-844-948-3133. It may take a few days for the system to refresh and for tenants to stop receiving further messages. 

    If I opt out of receiving text messages, am I going to miss any important updates? 

    No. SMS will be used to support tenant communications that already exist, such as building posters, mailers and face to face interactions with staff. SMS is not replacing any communications tenants currently receive from TCHC. 

    SMS Frequently asked questions

    What will TCHC text me about?

    At the moment, tenant representatives will receive reminders about the upcoming TCAT regional meetings and any action they need to take before the meeting, such as filling out an online registration form.

    In the future, some tenants may start to receive notices about capital repairs in their building. Tenants will be told before they start receiving SMS from TCHC and are always free to opt out.

    How do I know a message is really from TCHC and not a scammer?

    SMS from TCHC will be sent from 1-844-948-3133. TCHC will never pressure you to make a payment or text back personal information over SMS.

    Scammers will often try to pressure you into action by threatening a serious consequence if you do not act right away. If you think a message is suspicious, do not reply or give the sender any information.

    If you or someone you know have been the victim of a scam, contact the police and report the incident. There is also a list of common scams affecting Canadians on the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website

    How often are tenants going to receive messages from TCHC?

    The number of messages tenants will receive will depend on the event. Typically, tenants will receive reminder messages a few days before the event and if they need to take any action (such filling out a registration form). 

    How do I sign up to receive text message updates from TCHC?

    If the contact information we have for you is up to date, you will start to receive SMS communications when it rolls out. You can update your contact information at any time at your local Tenant Service Hub or by contacting the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500

    Can I text in service requests or questions?

    At this, our SMS platform is one-way only communication. Tenants that text in questions or reply to SMS from TCHC are going to receive an automatic reply that directs them to contact the Client Care Centre.

    Tenants that have a service request or question about their tenancy should contact their local Tenant Service Hub or the Client Care Centre.

    Where do I go to learn more?

    Any questions not covered on this page can be sent to DigitalComms@torontohousing.ca.