10-year capital plan

Toronto Community Housing is committed to preserving, restoring and breathing new life into our buildings. TCHC’s rolling 10-year Capital Plan takes a portfolio-wide approach to repair, renew and modernize buildings and enhance living conditions for thousands of tenants in buildings across the city.

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    TCHC is able to adopt and implement multi-year, portfolio wide approach to its rolling 10-year Capital Plan with two key streams of capital budget funding:  

    Federal National Housing Strategy Funding 

    In 2019, the National Housing Strategy (Canada Mortgage and Housing Company) announced its commitment to provide TCHC with $1.34 billion in capital repair funding from 2019 to 2027, alongside stable funding commitments from the City of Toronto.

    Municipal City of Toronto Funding 

    The City of Toronto is committed to providing TCHC with stable capital funding each year until 2027, in alignment with National Housing Strategy agreement. The City of Toronto and TCHC review the capital budget annually and identify municipal funding requirements to achieve capital planning targets.

    Capital Planning Goals

    With a fully funded Capital Plan, TCHC is able to align its capital planning goals with the targets set out by the National Housing Strategy and the City of Toronto in our funding agreements: 

    Facility Condition  

    • Achieve portfolio wide average 10% Facility Condition Index by end of 2026  
    • Prevent any further permanent unit closures  

    Energy Performance  

    • Reduce energy consumption by 25% by end of 2028  


    • Implement accessibility improvements to 20% of units by the end of 2028 
    • Upgrade common areas and entrances over 130 properties creating access to more than 30,000 accessible-ready units by the end of 2028 

    Impact by Numbers

    For the last five years, TCHC has successfully delivered against our Capital Plan and funding goals. This ongoing capital work is necessary to enhance the living conditions for tenants, including: 

    • Ensuring TCHC buildings are in state of good repair; 
    • Building more sustainable and energy efficient communities; and  
    • Creating healthier and more comfortable homes.  

    TCHC continues to deliver significant results in 2022, delivering the full $350 million capital repair plan, which includes hundreds of planned projects and thousands of individual work orders. Here are a few highlights of completed and ongoing large capital project achievements from 2022: 

    • 1,400 planned capital projects  
    • 25,000 work orders 
    • 52 access control and camera installations  
    • 31 elevator upgrades  
    • 105 hard and soft grounds upgrades such as parking lot repairs, new fencing, walkway repairs, and more
    • 202 envelope (i.e., bricks, cladding, balconies), roofing, window and structural repairs
    • 43 ongoing common area accessibility upgrades (nine completed in 2023)  
    • 295 in-suite accessibility upgrades  
    • 170 electrical, mechanical and plumbing repairs

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