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Being a Community Representative is a rewarding experience. It is an opportunity for you to work alongside your neighbours and TCHC staff to build vibrant communities. Complete the form below if you are interested in becoming a Community Representative.

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    Eligibility criteria

    1. A candidate for Community Representative must be a tenant, co-tenant or dependent of tenant(s), in the building or complex where they are running. The candidate must be registered on the TCHC household lease.
    2. Building/townhouse committee local engagement model: The candidate must be seconded by another tenant committee member in the complex where they are running. You cannot nominate yourself.
    3. Community Representative local engagement model: The candidate must be seconded by another tenant, co-tenant or a dependent, in the building or complex where they are running. You cannot nominate yourself.
    4. The tenant must be 16 years of age or over by the day the nomination period ends, to nominate a candidate or to be nominated
    5. The tenancy of the candidate must be in good standing. A tenancy in good standing means:
    6. The tenant/household has no arrears on their lease with Toronto Community Housing or, if there are arrears, they have a signed agreement with Toronto Community Housing to repay the arrears and are in compliance with that agreement;
    7. Toronto Community Housing is not taking any legal action against the tenancy (for example, it has not filed an application against the tenancy at the Landlord and Tenant Board);
    8. There have been no reported acts by the tenant, their household or guests, on or in relation to TCHC property, that constitute a serious violation of a federal, provincial or municipal law; and
    9. There have been no reported anti-social behaviours, which constitute an ongoing disturbance caused by the tenant, their household or guests that interferes with the reasonable enjoyment of the unit or complex for its reasonable uses by the landlord or tenants and which has not been resolved through tenancy management.
    10. Permanent full-time staff of Toronto Community Housing, Resident Key Persons, Rooming House Representatives and any of their family members living within the same household cannot participate as a candidate.

    Terms of Reference

    Tenants can find information about the role of the Community Representatives in the Terms of References of Community Representatives at the building/townhouse level and the Tenant Community Action Table. You can read the Terms of Reference for Community Action Tables (PDF) here. Copies of the Terms of References are available with your local Community Services Coordinator.

    Candidate Photographs

    All candidates are asked to give permission to Toronto Community Housing to take and use their photograph for the purpose of the Tenant Engagement System: i.e., posting their photograph and name in the building to identify themselves as Community Representative and/or for use in Toronto Community Housing publications.

    Collection and use of personal information

    The personal information requested in this form is collected under the authority of s. 28(2) of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protect of Privacy Act. The information will be used for election and tenant engagement purposes. If you have any questions about the collection of this information, please contact the Client Care Centre at 416-981-5500 or visit the Collection and Use of Personal Information page. 

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