Employee Resource Networks at Toronto Community Housing

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    Employee networks are employee-driven associations organized around shared interests, issues, a common bond or background and a dimension of diversity. They are grassroots groups that allow individuals to share experiences, provide advice, offer mutual support and address unique member concerns in a safe environment. 

    Toronto Community Housing recognizes the importance of Employee Networks in efforts to create a more equitable and inclusive organization. By utilizing their shared resources, our Employee Networks are able to encourage staff members to learn more about different dimensions of diversity. 

    Black Staff Caucus (BSC)

    The Black Staff Caucus (BSC) is Toronto Community Housing's first employee network. The term "Black"  refers to people who are from the African Diaspora (e.g., Caribbean, North, Central, and South America, Europe and Africa) and who through their black ancestry and lived experiences consider themselves members of the "Black" race. 

    The Black Staff Caucus aims to work with Toronto Community Housing's (TCHC) leadership team, Black employees, internal and external allies to advance issues of equity, anti-racism and anti-oppression within the corporation and its neighbourhoods. 

    The BSC aims to support Black employees at TCHC, promote employee engagement, create awareness about Black culture and hosts signature events, such as TCHC’s annual Black History Month event. 

    If you are interested in learning more about the Black Staff Caucus at Toronto Community Housing, email BlackStaffCaucus@torontohousing.ca

    Pride Network

    The Pride Network are an inclusive group of volunteers that supports 2SLGBTQ+ employees and allies to bring their whole selves to work, to achieve their full potential and deliver excellent public service. 

    The acronym symbolizes the inclusiveness of our group and stands for Two-spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer, while the plus represents other sexual or gender diverse members. They organize events and work with TCHC leaders and staff to create a safer, more equitable and respectful working environment for 2SLGBTQ+ employees. 

    If you are interested in learning more about the Pride Network at Toronto Community Housing, email pride@torontohousing.ca.

    Women Inclusion Network (WIN)

    The Women Inclusion Network provides a space for women at Toronto Community Housing to come together to provide information to TCHC’s leadership team and staff on the challenges that women face in the workplace through training programs, information sessions, and newsletters. 

    If you are interested in learning more about the Women Inclusion Network at Toronto Community Housing, email WIN@torontohousing.ca.

    TCHC employees striking the embrace equity pose by putting their arms around themselves.

    TCHC employees strike the #embraceequity pose in support of the 2023 International Women's Day campaign.

    Filipino Kababayan Network

    Kababayan translated in English means "people from the same country." The Filipino Kababayan Network aims to bring together Filipinos that work at Toronto Community Housing to provide a cultural space, bring together people, and share in the workplace.